Resistance Band Exercises

Helpful Information Regarding Resistance Band Training for Weight Lifters

Weightlifters have plenty to gain by adding resistance band exercises to their routine. These exercises work muscles and ligaments in a way that is very different from traditional barbells and dumbbells. The boosted muscle stimulation achieved through using a resistance band can lead to much better results when it comes time for competitions. Hence, here are some helpful tips from Exercises Resistance Bands UK regarding resistance band training for these athletes.

Squats with resistance bands are a great exercise for weightlifters. The leg muscles play a very important role in many weightlifting movements. Even exercises that primarily involve the muscles of the upper body utilise leg muscles to some extent. Professional athletes will see a big improvement in their performance by focusing on their legs. Regular squatting with bands of varying levels of resistance will surely but surely build stronger more agile leg muscles.

Resistance Band Exercises for Legs

Leg extensions are yet another exercise that is particularly helpful for weightlifters. Unlike squats, these exercises improve issues with flexibility and agility. Lots of professional athletes that practice weightlifting have trouble with flexibility, primarily due to the repetitive motions of many lifting movements. Improving flexibility will allow muscles across the body to twitch much more quickly, leading to better results at the gym. Leg extensions are a simple exercise that is perfectly compatible with many different resistance band lengths. Ideally, extensions are best done directly after squatting.

Ankle flexes are a good addition to any resistance band routine for weightlifters. Many weightlifting injuries occur in the ankles. Many times, these injuries are due to weak and fragile ankles. Bodybuilders and other professionals that frequently lift weights often forget to focus on their ankles. Bigger muscles such as the biceps and quadriceps are usually the primary muscles that are focused on the most. Neglecting to build up strength in the ankles can leave weightlifters vulnerable to severe injuries. Hence, adding a simple routine of casual ankle flexes with bands is a great idea.

Band walks are an interesting resistance band exercises that many weightlifters find very helpful. Dynamic exercises that involve repetitive motions such as walking can work a range of muscles in a very effective fashion. Simply walking around with a fair degree of resistance can quickly improve the performance of all of the muscles and tendons located in the lower body. Lots of successful weightlifters like to warm up before a competition by performing band walks for a few minutes.

Overhead tricep pulldowns are an effective way for weightlifters to improve the performance of their arms. Many athletes focus too much time on working biceps while neglecting triceps. The triceps play an incredibly important role in improving personal records and gym performance in general. In particular, tricep pulldowns with bands is a fantastic way to work the muscles in a fashion that is difficult to replicate when using free weights. The pulldown motion works all parts of the tricep as well as the abdominal muscles, allowing athletes to improve two muscle groups at the same time. These tricep workouts are a wonderful way for weightlifters to drastically boost their performance.